James Davis is currently pursuingĀ a career as a Conservator of books and library collections. He has worked in conservation at various capacities for five years and has experience with textiles, buildings, and books. James hopes to work in libraries around the world and become evermore aware of the historic and artistic character of old books and paper documents.


He began his journey studying Art History at the College of Charleston and quickly identified conservation as an ideal career. He traveled to Florence, Italy to delve into understanding the processes used to restore books and paintings after the flooding of the Arno River in 1966. After graduating James worked in building conservation at the UNESCO World Heritage site in Akko, Israel and did digital archiving for the Israel Antiques Authority. These experiences solidified his dedication to conservation and affirmed his love for books and libraries. Upon returning to Charleston, SC James began his dream job as a Conservation Assistant at the Charleston Library Society. Under the instruction of Brien Beidler, James has developed a working knowledge of book history, book repair, conservation ethics, photographic documentation, and material science.

Dedicated to continued education and excellence in conservation, James will begin his pursuit of an MA in the Conservation of Books and Library Materials at West Dean College in September.