Full Leather Journal

A practice Journal made as a Christmas present for my grandfather. The leather has a beautiful grain and turned out really nice.

The top edge was hand gilded, which is a laborious process. The gold stuck really well, but came out more yellow than I would have hoped. There is a variation of gold which gives a more toned down look called “moon gold” that may have been a better choice.

The sewing structure is done on four sewn in cords and resulted in a great journal that lies flat and opens well. My grandfather was thrilled to have something to keep daily notes and his winning scores from games of gin!



2 thoughts on “Full Leather Journal

  1. binderconservator Post author

    Thank you Lindy! It is such a gratifying process. Every time you make a book you can add some little embellishment that will build your skills and eventually have a really fine binding. I’m trying to master the process of tooling the leather with gold impressions. There is so much to learn. Good luck with your book making.



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